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Journal name? What kind of question is that?!

24 June
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Once upon a midnight dreary, Christyn pondered a brilliant theorie. "I will over throw Tom Jabran!" And Pineview will be happy once he's gone. She ran around, boy she was a flailer. Wandering down the halls of her tippsy trailer. Mapping out the plan to over throw this evil dictator, "Maybe, maybe I should use a gator?" Finally, it was all done and ready. The scribbles were down and she threw confetti. Sneaking out pass the rent-a-man guard, through the bushes and through many people's yards. She left the boarder line of this place and fled off. "Christyn! This isn't a race!" Chased by dogs of all shapes and sizes, she finally lost them at "Tim's house o' prizes." Her legs were tired and her eyes were blood shot. Ooo, I bet she looked very HAWT! Her destination was finally reached, She walked to a bush and picked herself a peach. Starring up at the Jabran's enormous manor. "Pfft, this guy is a freak. I need a ladder!" And off she fled to the Jabran's house sized shed, Her eyes widened wide to see his taxi driver dead. "This guy is a killer!" as she stated, But there was little time, she almost fainted. So she grabbed the ladder and ran all the way back. Spotting a window that happened to be cracked. One step after another, Christyn began to climb. "Honey, I am going to waste more money for the fifteenth time!" Christyn finally reached the window before sliding right through. "Did I just hear somthing? Its a burgler but who?!" Frantically looking, she dived for the bed. In hopes to leave the manor not dead. The door opened slowly, as a foot stepped inside. "A ha! I got you now you, cannot hide!" Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a whistle. "Emu team, assemble!" The room fell silent, then came a rattle. "What's going on?! Is it you want to do battle?!" Soon, a sworm of Emus burst into the wall. "Oh oh my! They are as lovley as my great hall!" Tom's eyes began to sparkle as he jumped onto one. "Alright team, lets go back to where ever I came from!" They rode off into the moonlight, The night lit scene. Then Christyn shot sitting up. "Oh, it was only a dream..."