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Monday, January 21st, 2008
6:08 pm
I'm going to do it! I'm going to doooo youuuuuu!!
Oh my god, could this be? Is she really posting? Is she getting back into that old school groove again?! Maybe? I dunno, anywhoo...So! What exactly has happened to me in the last...I dunno, years? So, first off, I threw in my retarded deer antlers and shredded my discount card, I am no longer single people! Yeaaaah, that's right, for all yall who thought I couldn't do it, I did it. Next thing, Christmas passed, which was hella awesome. I have a phone now, I'm a cool kid! Then? Summer? Went crazy. Hercules? He's crazy, he unplugs my computer which pisses me off sometimes. School? Crazy. Ass people? Piss me off more then Hercules unplugging the computer. Hentai? Needs more of a story plot, and some better voice acting. So yeah, my anniversary's comming up with my little Tiger Nubblies. He should have asked me out sooner so I can give him his awesome gift. That's right, not just a gift, an awesome one. Tattoos? I think I said before I have one. I want more though. Just...just deck out all my-SEATTLE SPRING BREAK?! Ho freakin' yeah!!! Goin' there to teach those shitsplats how to hop a fence. Money? Wish I had more. No thanks Joe I couldn't stand another pie. So, this is what's been goin' down for the last whenever that I typed shit. Stuff. Ack. It's all over the place I'm sorry. Maybe I'll go for a record and just type type type?! Nah...

*Ashley dances out the door*

Current Mood: Eww...that dance...
Friday, January 5th, 2007
10:32 pm
DJ bring the beats on!
Geeh, been a while since I've updated this ol' thing. Now sure if anyone even reads this junk still, but oh well. Christmas was pretty fun, I think it was the best yet since I did more then just sit on my Grandmother's computer, even if Bryce and Ellie were more then the usual handful.

Also, New Years Eve was also pretty fun spending it with Destiny, Dillon, Jenny and Joe. Though I can't say my New Year's Resolution is promissing. Just the same ol' thing as it has been for the past three years. Just to shy to actually ask anyone out. >//>

Aaaand, I just got back from watching the three one act plays at the school, which I enjoyed greatly. ConGRABulations my little Desteenie! Probably go see it tomorrow too. And speaking of tomorrow...

I'm getting my tattoo. x.x

Current Mood: I'm goin' to bed...
Saturday, December 9th, 2006
2:30 pm
It was like, a little monster man!
Alrighty, goin` over all the events that happened to meh. Last weekend I went and say Deja Vu with Becky, Brian and Nick which turned out to be an excellent film. Then I went to Royal Oak with Destiny, Jenny and Joe which was fun. Minus the cold and being the only Flint folk there. Let alone...Noir Leather. >.<

Theeeen, Thursday I had Destiny and Jenneh spend the night at my house, which was fun concidering the half day we had yesterday. And speaking of yesterday, went to my Grandparent's house to celebrate all the December birthdays, which turned out to be a h00t.

Bryce-"Christyn, can you get online so that I can talk to all your boyfriends?" Me-"Well I don't know if-HEY! Boyfriends?! Plural?! Noooo, I don't have a boyfriend, Bryce. Let alone more then one..."

*Ellie bumps into me and falls* "Here Ellie, let me help y-" "No! I don't NEED your help!" *Storms off* "O.O dot dot dot."

Chelsy- "See?! Christyn knows her prayers! That's because she had a mom that loved her." "That's because I was FORCED to go to Holy Rosary." "Well, when I have ten kids I'm going to make them go to Church." "Well that's all-TEN KIDS?! You're gonna quit once you have two I bet."

Bryce-"Ok, Christyn, stay right here. No, to make sure you stay here I'm gonna tie your hair to the chair!" "Gah! Ow! I'll stay here, I promis..." *Bryce leaves the room, comes back with a rubberband and turns off the light.* "Now, where were you yesterday?" "At school." "What about after?" "Home." "...Doing what?" "On the internet?" *Gets slapped with rubberband* "WRONG!" "Gah!! Ok ok I was at the lake taking care of some unfinished business!" *Bryce stares then leaves.* "What the crap was this about anyway?!"

And my Uncle Dave had surgery done to him. They placed his artery and his vein in his arm together. So now, when you touch the spot it makes a little vibrating motion. Like a bettery is in there.

I just got done decorating my house for the holidays, aaaaand only 16 MORE DAYS LEFT TILL` CHRISTMAS! YAAAAYYYY CHRISTMAS!

Current Mood: Baiyaaaaa!!
Tuesday, November 21st, 2006
3:54 pm
You would too if the sexy devil caught your eye.
Oh snap!

Oh snap!



Ok enough of that. Welp, today I had two tests which I hope I did awesome on. Nothing's been really happening lately. Keith came over last Friday, as well as Jenny and Destiny. Hung out and stuff. Sunday hung out with Bryan finishing that damned trebuchet, then went to the movies along with Jenny and Joe (Or as he calls himself, BIG JOE ANGER.) to watch Pirates of the Caribbean II since Jenny and Joe haden't seen it. Oh, and I also celebrated my Gram's birthday. I apologise, O' Bryan for my little cousin's annoyingness.

"Ok, Bryce, I gotta go ask Grandma what the directions are to her house. Don't do anything foolish, got it?!" "Ok." *Comes back to him giggling.* "What did you-" He typed (This is bryce cristens cousin shes a dummy) But before that, he went mad happy with typing "Hi!!" several times. @.@ Ohh that family o' mine.

I noticed that Art, Adas and Beagle classes are usually the highlight of my day, which is cool in all. Today in Adas we all just started shouting "WHORE!" while reading the Crucible.

Tomorrow's a half day wh00t! Aaaand then, Thursday's freakin' Thaksgiving!!!!! Ohhh, I'm gonna stuff myself with food. Pregnate with fooooo- wait, f00d!

So, if I don't say it now...


Current Mood: Aww, lookie that.
Thursday, November 9th, 2006
10:07 pm
He who's name is forbidden in the Forest...
Well snap diggidy dawg man. Let me break everything down for yah.
Last weekend, Sunday to be exact, Destiny's family, Alice, this Eric guy and I all went to Lazer freakin' Quest!!

Sadly, I came in last place. With good reasons! So, I went solo for the first time. Destiny, had a grudge and singled me out tag teamed with Alice. Brendon and Fox were also teamed and kept chasing/cornering me. So, I go to run down the ramp, thinking it's home free and I run into a wall...Then, first thing that happens when I get in I hear "Psssssssss" and smoke just goes crazy, then the techno comes on.

The, afterwards we went out with pizza, met up with Destiny's mom. Which was cool, cause I mean pizza. The down thing is, my hand was really shaky.

*Destiny's talking, pauses seeing my 'alienated hand'.*
Alice *Slaps my food out of my hand* "Put that down!"
Destiny and I- 0_0;....

Eh heh heh. Good thing is, today's last day o' the week! Yaaa hooo!! Got me a chain of plans goin' on. Might go see Becky and Paige, when they say so. Then Sunday goin' to Empire Wok and seeing The Grudge II. But today was a funneh day too.

(American Lit.)
Mr.Adas- "Yes, we are going to read the play assigning roles to everyone!"
Me-"Can I be a man?"
Mr.Adas-*Starring* "...Of all my years of teaching, no one has ever asked me that."

Mr.Adas- "*Something something something* "They helped 'raise-the-roof.' Just like this *Does raising roof motion* So who does that these days?"
Me-"Oooh! I do! I dance like that-"
Mr.Adas-"Christyn...I wasn't speaking about the dance move, I mean litterally..."
Some chick-"The Amish."
Mr.Adas-"That's what I mean."

And, I think of all the discussions at the Art table, today's was the most *ahem* awkward. I'll spare you the details, whoever the heck you are.

So I was also just informed Paige got herself a man. Know what this means? I'm the only retarded deer now...it...it's ovah. Population single: 1. - -;

Current Mood: Demiiiiiitriiiuuusssss!?!
Wednesday, November 1st, 2006
7:04 pm
>(¬.¬)< <--------Mad SWAT Kat.
Akahwaaaa-hoooo!! First off, I'm glad to announce the Birthday of my Papa Destiny!! Secondly, I'm sad to announce yesterday was Halloween. Ohh, it's ovah...But! It didn't turn out as crappy as I thought it would. "Mom, can I go Trick or Treating with Des-" "Christyn....*Gritting teeth* I thought you specifically said you'd pass out candy this year...*Eye twitch* Now I cannot do this by myself with this dog...*Starting to foam at the mouth* Now I'll say it-" "Ok ok ok, gawwd I get the point."

Soo, there I sat waiting for kids to come to my door, watching Freddy Vs Jason. Which was more action then horror. Then I passed out. Passed out candy, and then...I got an unexpected visit from the Hubbah Twins and their little bros. "Well...you guys have fun now...*Sniffle*" "You wanna go with them? Cause I can't put up with this for another min-" "Okaaaaay!!"

So there we were, on the streets o' Pineview. I thought it was clever the skit they came up with, but boy did I learn a lesson after that night...

*Takes of fishnets* "Hmm, blood? What the- OH MY GOD!!1" Turns out from all the chasing that vampire hubber in those platform boots, it scratched a lot of chuncks of skin off my anckles. So now theres just...pieces of flesh gone and bleeding a river. Sucked walking in school today.

*Walking at the speed of turtle to Mr. Adas' class, him and Mr. Hall watching me while carrying 10 ton o' books."

"Well, doesn't she look inthusiastic?" "Hey! I'm temporarly cripled ok?? Gawwd gimmie a breaaak."

Then today in class, I started choking.

Mr. Adas- "So, the board is making us read these child books. Let me read a passage from this pathetic book. 'And so, Johnny, whome no one dared fight in jail got up to share his favorive book. My favorite book I decided to share is, the Little Pokey Puppy, it's my favorite book because it was the first book my grammy read to me, and the first book I read all by myself. As Johnny made his way back to his seat, I saw a small smile. A side no one has ever seen from him."

(Class, dead silent)
Me- *Bursts out laughing, starts coughing, face going red while choking on Starburst*
"Oh my god, Christyn are you alright?!"
"AaaaaaAAaAAAAAA" *Pounding on desk while laughing/choking*

Mr. Adas- "See? Christyn gets what I'm thinking about what their making us do."

So, that was one interesting day for me.

Current Mood: Oooh, what a day.
Saturday, October 21st, 2006
12:17 pm
"-If you like it, take it, if you don't just send it right back. I wanna be on you..."
Hmmm, so it would seem today is Sweetest day. Well, guess we all know what zis meaaans! I go make me a nice dinner of ramen noodles, light some candles, and curl up by the internet! Or, maybe just go to the movies. Yeah, that sounds less dumb. Ahgh he he he! Maybe I can get a single person discount? I think that should exsist. Or...a trailer discount. Maybe I'll just go buy me a Gigalo for a day to celebrate the holiday (Zat rhymes!) Then again, that costs money aaand...yeaaaaah. I'll have Destiny over, well play some Monopoly. Naaw, cause I cheat at it.

Soo, nothing's really been happening. Yesterday my mother was chopping Halapinos on the count of her boss needs to make Guacamole for her Elementary daughter's Venezuela unit in school. So, mom's choppin' away when she gets this one chemeical on her from the Halapinos. Her hand was burning for at least 4 hours. I almost had to rush her to ER, but luckily after a while the pain went away...She better be givin' my mom more then 25 bucks for that. Seeings that she's rich anyway...

Hmm, I wanna go see The Grudge II, but no one will see it with me. Guess no one wants to waste their money on it. Awww foooowy! "So, how's bout' that Grudge II?" "Dude, are you a loz0r?" ;_; Naw, that didn't really hapen. But I bet they were thinkin' it. Com found it, I'm hip! "Now, wait just a cotton pickin' second!" Ok, nevermind.

"Oh yeah?! Well, while you couples are kissing eachother's FACES off, I'll be here with my ramen noodles, with a face! Unless of course, I pass out in my bowl of ramen noodles, then I wouldn't have a face. Cause, the broth in all."

"Jesus, that was freakin' depressing, Christyn."

"It was?! I wasn't trying to be, I was just ranting on. But, don't fret, cause everythang's gewd in dah hewwwd!"

Current Mood: thinabotwhatyeraskman!
Sunday, October 15th, 2006
11:52 am
"But he looks so innocent, with his football." "Yeah, and his hat." "Ye-what? He doesn't have one!"
Wooow man, so last night was the long awaited dance. Which was freakin' fun maan! Glad Destiny came, one because she never goes to these things, and two because I didn't have to be dateless like I usually end up being. Though they didn't play the songs I requested, it was still fun dancing and junk. Suprisingly, I danced differently then I usually do, let alooone...danced better. Hmm.

I think the downfall of it was waiting for Jenn's date to show up. (Half hour later) Jenn calls Carl's mom, he's not there. Calls Brandon because Carl was riding in a limo with him and his date (Who gets a limo for Homecomming?!) Turns out their just chilling at his house, Jenn's here pissed and heard they were gonna go to Empire Wok before going to the dance. Luckily they showed up finally and then got down to bwuisness.

Hmm, what else? Oh! Friday Jenn, Dest and I went to watch the parade. Met up with Paige, Becky and Brian huttling for warmth. And then...the candy came. "Oh, candy." "CANDY?!" Eh heh, went a little crazy and 'ahem' collected me a lot o' candy. Kind of tackled Becky for that gum. "Gah! Christyn you beast!" Sorry Becky. Our float was pretty cool though, better then our past ones.

Then they stayed the night, I found an MP3 player on the ground too! There was no music on it, but the recordings...my god...were every joke we'd ever made. (Jenn and I listening to one) Recording: So hot, want to touch the highnie" We litterally died laughing while Destiny was sort of cluless at first.

Me: "Oh, I just relized it's Friday the 13th, better watch out."
Jenn: *Starts singing a song in a monotone*
Me: What the hell are you chanting?!?!

(Did some 'interesting' dances, if you know what I mean... o.- )
Jenn: *Makes bull horns on her head and rams to Anthony*

And then the dreadfull slow dance came...suprised I actually slow danced with a few people.

(Dancing with Destiny, does the 'call me' sign with a wink to Alice)
Dest- WHAT?! You're MY date! I can't believe you!
Me- No no no! It's not what you think!!

I was sweating up a river from all the, as the hip say now "Dirty Dancing" suprised Destiny went with it too, ohh ho ho ho!
"Destiny, you're gonna go home and say 'Hey dad! Look how I dance now!' and then he's gonna punch you."

I can't help but think their is more, ahh well, it'll come to me someday.

Current Mood: Feet hurt!! Hair all crazy!
Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006
8:25 pm
I. Met a boy. Wearin' Vans 501.
Welll, last weekend I ended up not goin' to Jason and Aaron's party. Why you ask? Cauuuuse, I didn't have a ride. And even if I did I'd have to leave early, aaaand I dunno, wasn't much in the going crazy mood.

But! I was suprised to find a Homecomming dress at the freakin' annorexic store. "Oooh, what a lovely decorated doilie- OH MY GOD IT'S A DRESS?!" Yaaah, those dresses are tiny. But I like my dress, it's all cool and stuff. Caaan't wait for that dance! Gonna bust a groove man (If I learn how to dance...)

Aaaaand I skipped-I mean...there was a Dino attack at the trailer park, so I had to stay and take care of that. Thus, my absence from school today. I HAD A GOOD REASON! Too bad I have to make up that test in Beagle's World History, nya well.

"So Christyn, you goin' to the dance?" "Heck yes, and I got me a date too!" "Really who?!" "Who's your date? Jenny?" ";_;....Is it REALLY always that obvious?!"

(Ohh, people know too well that Christyn Timmons can't get herself a real date. How creepy o.O)

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Thursday, September 28th, 2006
9:10 pm
Hurrm, so I got an A on that test in Applied Geometry, aaand I have a test-no two tests! Tomorrow in Conceptional-THREE TESTS! Conceptional Physics, Applied Geometry, and American Literature. Nyah well, World History we are watching a film, which is cool.

And tomorrow's Friday! Saturday or Sunday I'm going to go get my Homecomming dress, hopefully fit this fat belleh into something. And Saturday goin' to Jason and Aaron's for that party there.

Chipped that freakin' paint today for ART, and where is Mr. Lilly?! Hope he's alright...almost sort of have the paint all chipped off.

(Made up and told knock knock jokes all day)

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Carl who?
Ca-rl get yah away faster from Marilyn Manson then runnin'!

"Ja-hees, five hours of sitting on my money maker, me an engaged woman about to get married with these boys sitting in front of me. I'm here starring, like hello? *Phone sign* Oh geez Temptation how'd you get my number? Oh! I'm terrible!"

Current Mood: I was choppin' wood.....
Friday, September 22nd, 2006
11:40 pm
It's too bad we had no time to rewind. Let's walk let's talk...

Threw a birthday shin-dig for Alice, since she wasn't doin' anything.

Hubbahs twins came. Jenneh came. You came...

Gathered around the cam-table to listen to Maynard sing while Joe was at the Tool concert. Damn him...

So tired....only 11:42PM....not cool man...

So exhausted...my tummy hurts...heart burn.

Jenny's pants...make me laugh. Balloons popped...laughing...throte hurts from going crazy...headache. These are the side effects when my weekend turns out better then yours. BOO WHOO!!

Current Mood: Too late, so wrong, so long...
Sunday, September 17th, 2006
7:45 pm
"Great, those 10 year olds are skank dancing. Thanks a lot for setting a bad example you two."
Ya-chuu!! Friday and Saturday I did nothing but film myself lip syncing to slow motioned songs. Buuut.....Today I went to Rosary fest which was really fun! When Jenn and I forst got there, it was pretty deserted. So I convince Jenn to go on the Zipper with me, we get on it and the ride starts: "Dude Christyn, I..I AHHH!! AAAAHHHH!!" "Here, let's go upside down!" "No! I can't breath I can't breath!" *Starts inhaling like she's giving birth* Yeah, pretty crazy. Then we met up with Becky, then Joe then Paige and Symmy. Joe won Jenn a stuffed bunny...awww while Symmy and I were doin' flips here and there on the Zipper. How come my man doesn't win me stuffed animals?! (Timmy...you don't have a man...(Right right.))

Anywhoo, Gravitron made me dizzy, I almost thought I was gonna puke man on it but I didn't! Too late to say the same for Joe, cause he did. (Not on the ride naw!) Outside. Then, we all got on the Scrambler, aaand oh! While we were on that Symmy was waiting for us, and this creepy Chester the molester man was like starring at her, and walked by her slowly. We thought he was gonna slap her ass. Then Jenn and I went on the Tilt-o-Whirl and that guy was there starring at us...o.O; We kept making funny faces at people. It was fun.

I saw Lance there, and talked to him for a few minutes, then went on the...what was it? "Mystery Mansion." with kayla and CJ, that was the lamest thing I ever did go on. Went on the Hurricane with Jenn and Joe, and that was fun. Went on the Zipper with Joe since JENNY wouldn't GO on IT with ME! Aaand went on this new ride called "The Cobra" with Becky, which that was ca-raazy. The only flaw about the Zipper, is that they really strap you in. My thighs hurt, and it would be worse if I was a man...cause that ride is a ball crusher. There was a woman, on this really high pole, man she's brave...

I just wish I could have gone when it got really dark, it's much funner that way. Nyeh, maybe next year. I don't wanna go to school tomorrow...

Current Mood: Omg omg omg omg!!
Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
5:38 pm
My heart's in overdrive and you're behind the steering wheeeel!!
Weeel, let's go on an ol' trip down memory lane and see what she has in store for us, shall we? Last weekend, Destiny came over and we watched some documentry on the procedure on getting a sex change. Some turned out very convincing...and others...not so convincing or attractive.

I think my Family project thingie for Mr. Adas turned out alright, I think the lowest grade I could have gotton was a B- er' somethin'. But, now I can see why he always grips the end of the podium when he speaks to us...when I was up there presenting I caught myself doing the exact same thing.

Uhm, I found out Aaron and Jason are having another shin dig, September 31st, I can only hope it doesn't end up like last time where all the girls were stuck in that fort thingie starving to death while the boys played paint ball. Who knows? Maybe, after some decent convincing I might even join...I doubt this honestly.

But! Onto other things. Goin' to Holy Rosary fest this Friday! Wh00t! Gonna ride me some rides...and...gonna go for a riiiiide. Naw, maybe, no, anywhoo. Awesome. Maybe Jenn and I might even sing karaoke. I just gotta save meh money, come to think of it other things are around the bin. Probably get that homecomming dress at the last minute, and hopefully go to Ren Fest sometime.

Current Mood: bouncy
Tuesday, September 5th, 2006
11:29 am
You're so lovely, are you lonely?
So...first day of school, huh? I noticed some people that went to Powers transfered to ol' Kearsley. My classes? Their alright. I got Jenn in three of them, and her in my lunch for one semester! I'd say my best hours are Art, Conceptional Physics, Political Science, and American Literature. World History is alright in all, but not many people I know...let alone talk to.

But the worse part of the day was the bus. You'd think with Twenty brains in that school, how their all on for safety...they wouldn't cram ALL the Pineview kids on the bus. Now, I know they have crammed some, maybe even more then half the kids...but not ALL OF THEM! There were Three to Four in a seat, and the rest had to stand. There was a line of people standing in the aisle up to the steps leading off the bus. And worse of all...our new sub. bus driver doesn't know how to drive. I dunno if it was on purpose or what...but she decides to slam on the brakes for no reasom, causing someone to slam into me who slams into Bryan who slams into everyone else. Like...like a chain of freakin' dominos er' somethin'! Even though most of the kids don't get off my stop, I think they all got off because they didn't want to be on that crammed bus. Good gawd man...

Only got two hours of sleep last night, but I did alright for...actually being awake and stuff. Glad I didn't get school pictures. Cause I'd do what I always do. Get them, hate them, throw them away...waste of money. I think I lost my school ID...nope. Hmm, pockets go deeper then I thought...

"And I will tell you...NEVER give your digets to those Shriners. I doubt you want some old...PERVERT calling you."

Current Mood: Yah hear me?!
Saturday, September 2nd, 2006
6:37 pm
I believe in a thing called love. Just listen to the rhythm of my heaaaaart!
Oh freakin' man....school is comming closer. And what have I done all summer? Sat here...on this computer until there is an imprint of my ass on the chair...roleplaying with freaks...staying up until 11AM everynight...waking up at 5PM...and eating everything. What kind of sadass excuse of a human does that!?!!? Ohhh hohohoh the good times ARE over!!1 (Exaggeration there)

Ok ok...positive thoughts? I saw The Wicker Man on Thursday with the Hubbah twins, their dad, and Jenn. The movie was alright...I liked how Nicholas Cage punched women every five seconds. That was cool...cause yah know guys always use that "Oh I can't hit a girl" crap.

Then Jenn and Destiny spent the night at my house, two nights in a row which was cool. Cause...we made a movie which turned out pretty cool. It was about some chick moving in a haunted house, haunted by the dancing sensation Christabella who died a mysterious...death. And a neighbor was in it, walking their dog Hercules. You'd have to see it, it's pretty funneh.

And now they are gone...and my mom went to some party with my God Parents, so I'm here alone with Hercules. Tomorrow I go to a BBQ at the Grams house with the family for the last one of the season, and the last swimming since the pool will be closing. Probably be cold as crazy though, oh well.

Theeeen, Monday I gotta go to the mall and go get clothes for school. Since my mom is going bazurker mode on it again. "Christyyyyn! You CANNOT wear those old shirts. You've worn them since 8th grade! People will think you are homeless! They will think you are poor! They will question my parenting! Ther will!" "o.O Yeeeeees ma'm!" Not that I'm complaining or anything I mean...clothes are cool they...are clothes. Plus I do need them since I only have like...two pairs of jeans now after cleaning my closet.

I think that is about it...minus the fact school is Tuesday. Ahh well, first days are always nothing. Aaaand it's a half day! Whoop- wait...wh00p. Schedule seems A-OK and stoof. But I still don't wanna go! I wanna make lazy, I wanna make lazy all over the trailer. ;_;

Current Mood: NoooOoOoOoOoOoO!!1
Tuesday, August 29th, 2006
2:55 pm
I've got the fishes cause their sooooo delicious!
Well snap, So Sunday (SUNDAY?!?!) I went to Becky's birfday party, which was a hoot-wait...h00t, there we go.

Well, waiting for folks to show up everyone goes outside. Brian, Jason and I start to play a game of Monkey in the Middle with me being the Monkey. Jason...son of a gun throws the football over the fence and tries to open the gate...but fails. Brian and I get that look in our eyes before speeding off racing for the ball, he goes to jump over the clear side of the fence. Me? No, I don't go the clear way, I go the easy hard way and leap over the fence...into a bush. I get impailed by this stick thing sticking out of the bush, let alone bites from either mosquitos (Scooter!) or spiders. Or both, whichever's worse. Anywhoo, we are now on the watch for the ball which suddenly dissapears? Now everyone's looking and Gabrial is going crazy for his ball back. We came to the conclusion while no one was looking within the two seconds some kid took the ball and made a run for it. Eventually, I found it, it was in the bush.

Then we hit the piniata that was a parrot. Becky goes first and breaks it, but we let everyone else have their turn. Eh heh heh, when it was time to get the candy I went a little crazy. "Gawd Christyn! You got the most out of every- Hey! Give me back MY candy you thief!" Then everyone just started to beat that parrot for fun.

Lost my retainer in the garbage by accident...unlucky, all of the plates and silverware were all see through white like my retainer. "Darline...do you have any rubber gloves? I lost my retainer in the trash." "Ohhh, when you asked for rubber gloves I thought you were asking them to play Doctor er' somethin'." Luckily in the end I got it! Muahaha!

Aaaand, Sunday gotta go school shopping, aaaaand Thursday going to see Thnickahmaaan- I mean...The Wickerman with the gang.

Hmm, apparently, my mom has this friend who's obsessed with asking if I'm dating someone. Seems she heard from people that go to my school, a rumor is going around saying I'm a lesbian? Probably my step brother, I'll fight em' and set things straight.

(Paige and I racing for the football)
"Out of my way!" *Shove*
"Ack! God Paige figures you'd push me with your ghetto booty!"

Current Mood: Got the sniffles.
Thursday, August 24th, 2006
9:34 am
I would like to buy a vowl please.
Cause I know you all are just dying to know. But, so I goes to get my schedule, and the Freshman...unlike what Becky said...were freakin' tiny. I was towering over them all! Ok...nuff of that. So let me break it down to you:

Numero hour one-o!: StudioArt with none other then Mr. Lilly!
Plan 2: Conceptional Physics with Mr. Christian.
Opperation C: Applied Geometry with Mrs. Wilcox.
Number D: Political Science with Mr. Nester/ Economics with Mrs. D`Agostino...?!
Death number 5: American Literature with...Mr. Adas?!
And last but not least Letter 6: World History with Mr. Beagle.

Oh yeah...Lunch B

Now I have given you what you want. Share your wisdumb(Get it?! Ha chaaa!) with the world. Ye-Ah!

Current Mood: 9:41AM?!?!
Monday, August 21st, 2006
5:42 pm
It's time to get funky
o.0 Weeeellllllllll, I just got back from probably the best thing that's happened to me all summah long. Went up North again with Jenn, Joe and the Hubbah twins. Now that was some crazy stay. Went canoeing which was one hellah' of ah' thing. Found a un-opened beer can and a hat, arms were killing me, aaaaand I got sucked on by a leach. Kind of wigged out more then I should have, since it was small but ehhh, I don't exactly have things sucking my blood everyday. It...it was my first time. >//< Except mosquitos. Then it started to rain, which made things even more freakin' awesome then they already were.

Swam on the beach, and climbed up that one hill which...oh man. What a work out I tell yah, just not fit for these dang things. Went offroading, but Destiny and Dillon didn't go because, Destiny was sick and stuff. Poor little Papa Dunteenie.

Swam at the beach at night which was...sort of cold. But I loved that view of the sky, it was like no other. And now that I'm home, I'm freakin' depressed because the fun is over, school is comming up ;_;...I can't think of anything else. Oh, and poor Jenny with her...*Ack* *cough* *ahem* choke* problems.

*In canoe*
"Oh you gotta be fucking kidding me. AAAAAAHHHHHUUUUUHHHHGG!!!" *Giant spider goin' crazy*

"Hey Joe, they have booty music. Why don't we? All we have is the damn Who!"

"Aw, Christyn your eyes are so pretty- ew, your teeth..."

(Ms New Booty comes on)
"Ohhh!!! Joe!" *Lips the words* "Jenny...how do you know this song?!"

(On the verge of sleeping)
*Jenn and Joe sing in perfect unicine and monotone* "Quan dolla mella, Ah eeda quan dolla mellah. Ah eeda quan dolla meeeeeelaaaaaaaaaaaah."

"Oh, I can't wait for the new book to come out by Terry Cacharie."

"I guess we, DUNN a good job huh?! Ahhh haha! dun dom ba chhhh" "Christyn, that joke is seriously old."

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Monday, August 14th, 2006
2:14 am
"Winston, the meatloaf."
Ohhh, what a day what a day. Soo, I went ot the Zoo with the Hubbah twins, their little brothers, their mom and Jenneh. So, Destiny tells me...this is what she tells me "We'll be there around 8:30AM, ok?" Now, being me that's usually the time I'm just getting to sleep. I dunno somehow I managed to like...re-arrange my entire sleeping schedule. Any-whoo, it's going on 9:30AM and I can't get ahold of her, my only thoughts? *Destiny calls* "Hi there! Uhm, we're at the Zoo right now we sort of...forgot you. But hey! I'll get yah some chips er somethin' there, ok?" Luckily for me, that wasn't the case. She came at around 10AM, all that awake at 8:30AM for nuttin', nya well. They got us food which was nice of them. I had a blast, seeing everything in all since I had not been to the Detroit Zoo is so freakin' long.

Little incident with the uh...Kangaroos but eh heh, uhhm. Heh I still had a fun time. Haden't been their since 5th grade when we went their for a field trip, and Jenny haden't even been to a Zoo at all.

But the crazy part is yet to come. So we drop Jenny off at her house, come to about...mnnn, that one Little Ceacars near that Kyropracter place, Branch road off of Richfield. Car runs out of gas. So Destiny, Dillon and I get out and start pushing the car into that parking lot since we ran out right in the middle of a red light. A bunch of people were driving by, like their some HOT SHOTS or SOMETHIN'! With their RAP MUSIC and junk! Anyways, Destiny's dad came and got us some gas to at least get the car back to their house, and then I went home.

Man, I was so tired and exhausted I passed out the instant I got home, and didn't wake up until just now. I'm still wondering what's going on about this Oscoda up north thing again, chances are I might not be able to go, I dunno it all depends.

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Friday, August 11th, 2006
3:32 pm
"Here, let me turn off the lights it will make us crazy!"
Weeeelllll, last two days were pretty fun. On...uh...the night of two days ago I think I had Jenny come over. Which was alright, we just ate all my ice cream and watched junk online. I think around 5AM did we start laughing at everything. Guess they were right when they say "When your tired, everything's funny." Oh! And we played a heated game of Monopoly. I won (For once.)

Then yesterday Destiny came over, and we played Monopoly, found out Jenny was cheating...like crazy. Pft, she is NEVEAH to be banker again. I mean, who would do such a bad deed and cheat in an innocent board game?!?! For shame...Then Joe picked up Jenny to go to Saganos, Destiny left for a bit to get her junk, and I...Timmy, remained in the trailer frying pancakes in a black and white scenary in slow motion as sad jazz played in the background. Dressed in clown clothes, a single tear ran down my-No...

Heh, I beat Shadow of the Colossus....the ending? NOT imPrESsseD! That's cool that Agro is alive, I was practically leaping for joy. But...it was still sort of...sad. I'll just pretend their was ultra D.O.O.M mode and you get a nice ending if you beat that.

Then Jenn and "Papa Dundee" came back to my hou-Trailer, Joe too and we watched V for Vendetta. Again. Because Joe never. Saw. It. And then we watched other stuff. Which was fun cause, yeah.

(Jenn, Destiny, and Joe in his car hear Hercules bark.)
"Oh no, I think Christyn's mom just slapped her!" "I think that was Hercules...Not Christyn."

"Oh, fuck no..." *Papa Dundee points to a large fuzz in the pizza rolls* "Uhhg, what is this made out of? Christyn's leg hair??" "What?!"

"For Christyn's next birthday, we should get her a plaque with a fake penis on it." "Why a fake one when she could have a real one on it?" "Nah, maybe wait till she's 18 cause I don't want her mom freakin' out" "I doubt she would, not after that whole 'I think his balls are too big to sit on' deal."

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